Wi-Fi cards for MS phones

Mobile phones

Wi-Fi is set to be this year’s must-have feature for your mobile phone with upcoming models like Nokia’s 9500 Communicator and Motorola’s MPx all able to access the web at high speeds via wireless networks.

But what if you already own a smartphone you have no intention of parting with?

SD/IO Cards from both Sandisk and Socket are apparently compatible with O2’s microsoft based XDA II, although users report difficulties setting them up.

We hear rumours too that Socket is readying an SD/IO Wi-Fi card that will work with microsoft’s Windows Mobile phones like the Orange SPV and Motorola MPx200.

It is apparently in later stages of testing and is likely to be launched in the summer.

Arguably the most useful thing about having a Wi-Fi card on a mobile is not for the speed of downloads of e-mail or web pages, but for knowing you can always get a decent connection rather than having to rely on occasionally flakey GPRS systems.

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