Nike Bluetooth MP3 player/pedometer

MP3 players

With the Great British summertime looming here at TD we are making a concerted effort to convince ourselves that the six pack we really want doesn’t come in cans from the off-license.

And in our attempts to get fit we’d like to have enlisted the upcoming MP3Run from Nike/Philips.

The gadget is a new flash memory MP3 player (admittedly with a v poor 256MB of storage) that comes with a separate shoe-mounted pedometer. The best bit is that two talk to each other using Bluetooth enabling joggers to work out how quite the distance is from their home to the offy.

Even better the big news is delivered via a synthesised voice to your earphones.

You can also connect the MP3Run to your PC and download all your stats.

We say that we’d like to have given it a go, but sadly the MP3Run isn’t going to be available until September probably for around £250. Nevertheless we are going to be auditioning one in a few weeks time, so we’ll deliver our verdict then.

On the subject of pedometers we hear that McDonald’s free pedometer with a burger promotion (so you know how long it takes to work off all those calories) has been a big hit in the US. The goss is that a similar promotion will be launched in Europe soon. We hear through the grapevine that other Euro countries are in line for free offer. But possibly not the UK. Shame…

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