Three mega pixel camera phone

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Here in the UK we are still agog at the one mega pixel images taken by camera phones like the Sharp GX30 and the Samsung D710.

It is a different story over in Japan where phones with cameras capable of taking significantly higher resolution two mega pixel images have been available for almost a year.

Now Casio has upped the ante yet again buy delivering the first mobi capable of snapping three mega pixel images. To put that in some kind of perspective, there mega pixel digital cameras where considered state of the art as recently as 2001.

As well as taking 3.2 Mega Pixel resolution (2048×1536) images the Casio A5406CA also boasts an auto-focus and has nine settings for taking photos including night scenery, twilight, food and person.

It has a 2.3inch screen, stereo sound and weighs 125g with battery.

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