RSS on your SPV

Mobile phones

Fancy having the latest news one click away on your smartphone? Tech Digest recently saw a demo of software from Teleca that enables microsoft smartphones (Orange’s SPV, Motorola MPx200 etc) to access news feeds via RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

Sure there is already software that enables users to read RRS feeds on mobiles. However the Teleca system breaks new ground in the way it presents the RSS feed as a kind of news ticker.

Users simply choose their news provider whether it be the BBC, CNN, or (cough, cough) Tech Digest) and then the latest headlines, which can appear on the home screen, are updated each time they go online.

To find out more users click on the headline and they are taken straight to the site.

At the same demo we witnessed microsoft’s impressive Voice Command for its Pocket PC PDA. It is impressive only in that, unlike countless other voice systems, it actually worked. The company says that a version with voice recognition that enables users to dictate e-mails documents etc and then converts the speech into text could be less than a year away.

More here very soon.

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