The Bug DAB radio reviewed

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With the recent onslaught of somewhat tired, retro radios it is about time someone injected a bit of imagination into the digital market, and designer, Wayne Hemmingway would seem to be the perfect choice.

The resulting £150 Bug, however, is disappointing and looks like something that stepped off a Dr Who set and into the bedroom of a moody teenager.

Looks aside, it is a great product, with loads of interesting features. You can pause, rewind and even record live radio onto a memory card. And because of its Secure Digital card slot, it can also play your MP3 files.

But my favourite feature is the alarm system, which lets you set two different alarms (one for you, one for him or her), with more options for choice of station to wake too, volume of alarm and weekend lie-ins. All is pretty straightforward to use, but the one thing that lets it down is the central, four-way control button which is over-sensitive and almost impossible to use.

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Charlotte Ricca-Smith

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