Free telephone calls over IP


It’s good to talk, especially when it’s for free. Gossiptel has announced a new Voice Over IP telephony service that uses the Internet to call other broadband users for nowt.

Anyone who’s got an ADSL or cable broadband connection can get the service and there isn’t any monthly rental or set up charge. Customers will also receive a free second line and 0870 telephone number.

An Internet telephone adaptor – which allows you to use any existing phone handset – is available for £93.99. Alternatively you can install software on the PC and use a headset and mîcrophone to make and receive calls.

Unlike other Voice Over IP services from companies such as Skype, Gossiptel will work with any Voice Over IP service using SIP technology. This includes microsoft, Siemens, Cisco and Mitel.

Although broadband calls are free there is a charge for phoning normal phones. For more information go to Gossiptel’s website.

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