Personal video with mind control

Personal video players

Portable video players are becoming increasingly common in the far east, but this one caught our eye because of one particularly innovative feature.

Korean-based manufacturer Penurocom claims its latest mPAVIO device boasts a Mind Control Program (MCP) and can be connected to other Mind Control devices. Unfortunately the online manual, which is written in disjointed English, doesn’t elaborate further – but maybe they will tell us how it works by beaming the messages to our brains.

Other more conventional features include a 2.5inch colour LCD screen, 20Gb hard drive, MPEG1/2 video playback and MP3 audio playback.

Also on board:
* USB2 connection
* DivX playback
* Video output for connection to TV
* Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (up to 3 hours continuous playback)

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