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MP3 players

Let’s face it swimming can get a bit dull at times. So it’s great to hear about a new MP3 player from H20 Audio that lets you listen to digital audio while you’re in the water, even under the water.

Called the Oceanic DV-64, it’s aimed mainly at scuba divers and can be used down to a depth of 200 metres. But there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it in your local baths, providing you can find somewhere to strap it!

Features include two speakers, ear phones, 64Mb internal storage and a voice recorder. It’s now available in the US for $399. There are versions with larger storage capacity with the top-end 512MB model selling for a rather hefty $600.

There are no plans to launch in the UK/Europe at the mo. A spokesperson for the company did however say that huge demand for the players could bring about a Euro launch. Here’s hoping.

For more information go to www.desworldwide.com/Products/DV64.cfm

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