HomeChoice on demand telly is back


Must admit we thought we had seen the last of HomeChoice – the pioneering video-on-demand to a TV via ADSL broadband service.

We tried it for a while a few years ago and while we loved the concept of being able to tune into all those on-demand programmes we didn’t rate its poor quality MPEG1 video images. Not surprisingly the company stopped promoting its services a couple of years ago.

Well it appears that HomeChoice is not only back, but it is moving out of its London heartland to target the rest of the country too.

The revamped service is set to go live on May 13th initailly offering a million Londoners 60 TV channels, 1Mbps broadband connections and of course, its huge library of on-demand programmes.

The company behind Home Choice, Video Networks, is offering to install the service for £49.00 along with half price subscription for the first three months at £17.50 a month.

We wish the company well, but couldn’t really reccomend the service to anyone if its on-demand movies were still in MPEG1 not MPEG2.

More from the company’s website

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