Canon's top-end compact


Canon is hoping to tempt a few pro photographers to experiment with a five-mega pixel camera sporting many features that have traditionally been the preserve of digital SLR models.

Due in June for £450 the PowerShot S60 includes a 3.6x optical zoom lens, which is actually smaller than previous models, has the ability to record RAW files and features an SLR style Mode Dial on top of the camera.

Other facilities include quicker start up time than previous cameras, a more powerful battery, VGA video capture and thirteen different shooting modes. Optional accessories include a 2xtele-converter and a 40metre depth waterproof case.

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  • I have one of those !

    Excellent camera, Canon rules 😉

    My next camera would have to be the 300D

  • Yeah I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one of these for a test. Looks like a quality piece of gadgetry. I love Canons!

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