Treo 610 confirmed – kind of

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It appears that the successor to the Handspring Treo 600 Palm based smartphone, which is sold in the UK by Orange, is on the cards reports The Guardian.

A slip by US bank in a communication to its investors confirmed rumours that have been across the web for months that the Handspring Treo 610 does exist and is likely to launch in late summer.

The device will keep the form factor of its predecessor including its mini thumbpad, but will sport a higher resolution screen, boast more memory and offer Bluetooth connectivity. Some reports suggest that the 610 will also jettison the 600’s integrated VGA camera.

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  • All this rumor but no substantiation from either Handspring, Plam One, or Verizon.
    Also, nobody mentions the feature I want most, and that is for the phone portion of the Treo 600 or 610, to work in both the digital and analog areas. The phone coverage is the feature that led me to Verizon and has me waiting for Verizon. Very frankly, if the larger coverage area analog offers is not available, why not sign up with the existing carriers, T mobile, ATT, Cingular or Sprint?

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