Tosh trounces the iPod take 2?

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We have always rated the Toshiba Gigabeat G20 MP3 player. The hard disk based 20 Gigabyte player is one of the few that can challenge the Apple iPod in terms of design, and it has a bit of a USP in that it is so thin.

So we are pleased to see the arrival of a Gigabeat G21 in Japan this month. Only this time round Toshiba is supplying the player with a Wi-Fi equipped wireless cradle.

It will be time to bin the USB cable as owners will be able to load music wirelessly on to the player from any PC across a network, as well as playing the music stored on the G21 on other connected computers/hi-fi systems.

Sadly there’s no confirmation yet of a UK launch, although early adopters can buy one be via US website for $688.

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