Skype delivers free voice calls on the move


We must admit to have not been too caught up in the hype surrounding the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) software Skype.

Devised by the team that brought you the peer to peer file sharing software KaZaa Skype, once it installed on your PC, enables you to make free, unlimited call via the net to anyone anywhere else in the world provided they too have Skype on their PC.

The company claims that the software has now been downloaded over 9.5 million times since its launch in summer 2003, and given the number of techies we know using it we have no reason to query those figures.

Its fans say that unlike rival VoIP systems the voice quality is as good as most mobiles.

Now Skype has taken the concept a step further and introduced PocketSkype software that enables users to make free voice calls over wireless networks using microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 PDAs.

Users download PocketSkype, from its website and transfer it to their handheld PC. They then use the PDA to make free, unlimited voice calls on the move using Wi-Fi hot spots or at home via their own wireless network.

As with the PC version the only limitation is that calls can only be made to others using the Skype software. (both on PC and Windows Mobile device)

We’ll certainly be having a play with it next week.

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