Navman's PIN GPS PDA


The PDA with GPS market is continuing to expand. We hear that Halfords apparently already sold out of its Medion Windows Mobile based device.

Coming in early summer is the first PDA with integrated GPS facilities from Navman. The £500 Navman PIN uses microsoft’s Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 operating system and features a GPS receiver that flips up from the back of the device.

Also on board is Navman’s SmartST V2 software which display s3D maps of 16 European countries on the PIN’s 3.5inch LCD screen.

Like its rival the device also offers turn-by turn voice instructions between stated destinations.

The PIN runs using an Intel PXA-256 300mHz processor, features 64Mb RAM and has an expansion slot for SD, SD/IO and MMC cards.

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  • I have a Nokia 6600. Is it possible to download some software and use the phone as a GPS via the internet (GPRS) without actually having a GPS device connected to it. Would areally appreciate if someone could help me out on this.

  • I have a dell axim x3 and am searching for the uk mapping software for the PDA. I dont need the GPS or any other items, just the software. any ideas where i can geta simple free download as they come free with the PDA when you buy a new one anyway.

    I await your reply.

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