Moto updates its mini smartphone

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We know that Motorola has another new phone in the offing as there’s a press conference already in our diary for late May. Yet there are no clues yet as to what it might be and the company is adamant that so far the new handset hasn’t yet appeared on the web.

We are pretty confident though that one phone Moto will officially unveil very shortly is the much-rumoured MPx220 .

US website Gizmodo has already reported that images of the phone have appeared, and then promptly disappeared from some of the company’s websites.

Hazarding a very educated guess here, the MPx220 is likely to be an update of Moto’s rather cool Windows-based clamshell smartphone the MPx200.

It’ll keep its predecessors versions of Outlook and Internet Explorer, but will also add the two key elements missing from the original phone a camera (one mega pixel we hope) and also Bluetooth. It also has better battery life too.

We are big fans of the MPx200 here at TD, but we don’t half miss that camera when we take it out and about at the weekend.

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