Airline meals you cook yourself


These days you can get everything on planes from wireless Internet access through to live TV channels. But as us Transatlantic jet-setters are so painfully aware one thing you just can’t get is a meal at the temperature you want it at when you want to eat it.

Maybe you will soon, for Brit design company PDD has come up with a new airline catering system it is calling Platinum, which features a heater, steamer and a chiller integrated into a plate. The concept being passengers can order what they want before they board the plane and then chose the time they want to eat. The plate can then steam, grill or chill the food so it is exactly the right temperature. Platinum is completely reusable too.

Given PDD’s track record of coming up with novel solutions (see Plan B) we don’t think it will be too long before the plate has an IP address and the heating controlled from the passenger’s seta via a Wi-Fi connection.

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