Linksys B Media Adapter take 2

Wireless home

We were huge fans of the Linksys B Media Adapter, a device launched last year that enabled us to wirelessly stream music from our PC to the hi-fi while watching images from our computer on the TV.

Good to see that Linksys is back with a new product that sounds even better. The device does pretty much the same as its predecessor, but also adds access to Internet radio stations to the mix.

The key difference though is that it is styled to look like a portable hi-fi system and has a pair of integrated speakers so you can listen to MP3s anywhere in your 802.11b wireless home. It can also plug directly into your hi-fi too.

Also coming from Linksys is a DVD player, the WMLD54G, that can connect via a wireless (802.11g) network to stream digital videos (MPEG2 and 4 and DiVx), images and audio from PCs to a television/home entertainment system. Both are expected in the UK in the summer – no price details yet.

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