Colourful MP3 player

MP3 players

Cowon, which earlier this week launched its hard disk based iPod rival, the iAudio 3 through is also bringing a small flash memory-based music player, the iAudio 4, to the UK.

Available with storage capacities ranging from 128MB (around £120) to 512MB (around £220), the iAudio 4’s unique feature is a large screen with a backlight that displays up to 124 different colours.

Compatible with MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA) and WAV (CD quality) formats, the iAudio 3 also boasts an FM radio tuner and an integrated voice recorder. It offers up to 15 hours worth of music playback via an AAA battery. The player also comes with a neck strap, carry case and JetAudio 4 audio and video software for the PC.

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