Philips: RIP CRT?


The death of conventional CRT moves ever closer following Philips’ staggeringly comprehensive flat screen TV launch at its recent Lisbon showcase.

A total of 20 new LCD and Plasma FlatTV models were announced, ranging in size from 15inches to 50inches. Two new picture-improving technologies were unveiled too: Pixel Plus 2 and Ambilight. Pixel Plus 2 (an enhancement of the original Pixel Plus) has been specially designed for delivering sharper images to flat screen TVs while Ambilight claims to offer reduced glare and onscreen reflections.

Top of the new FlatTV range are 42 and 50inch plasmas (42PF9966 and 50PF9966) and two large screen LCD sets, the 42inch 42PF9986 and the 32inch 32PF9986. Other models include a new 32inch LCD TV set (32PF9956) with a USB port and six memory card slots, two entry level plasmas with 37inch and 42inch screen sizes and a 30inch LCD set.

In the small screen segment, Philips unveiled seven FlatTVs with screen sizes ranging from 15 to 26 inches. Top of the small screen range are the 26inch and 23inch PF9956.

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