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Philips has confirmed that its innovative Mirror TV will launch next month. Developed at Philips’ HomeLab research facility, and recently demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas, the MiraVision combines a 23inch widescreen LCD TV with a fully-functioning mirror.

Polarised mirror technology allows nearly 100 per cent of the light through the reflective surface, enabling the LCD screen behind to be watched as a conventional TV in the living room or used as a combined mirror and TV above the mantelpiece.

Once the TV is switched off, MiraVision automatically reverts to being a perfect mirror, so that burglars (except those who read this piece) will have no clue to the advanced electronics that lie behind. The MiraVision TV can also be used as a LCD screen for a laptop or PC.

The MiraVision goes on sale in April for around £2400. For more information go to

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