Motorola/MTV mobiles


Motorola is teaming up with MTV to produce a series of phones featuring dedicated software from the music channel, targeted at the youth market.

The trio of models, (E398, E680 and C650) all feature music-based sounds and actions across all functions – gaming, MP3 and ringtones.

All three will launch in the UK in the early summer.

We’ll venture an opinion or two about them next week, but for now the C650 (on the right of the pic) looks like a pretty cool handset.

Read on for the details


Ultra small phone
MP3 ringtones
Integrated VGA 4X zoom camera
65K colour display
MPEG4 video playback
Downloadable Java games
Multimedia messaging


Dual 3D stereo surround sound speakers
RealPlayer software
USB data transfer Bluetooth for wireless transfer of files.
Gaming with 3D graphics
Portable and downloadable J2ME games and 8-way navi and gaming keys.
MP3 sound effects


Candy-bar style phone
Integrated MP3 player
SanDisk T-Flash removable memory
3D stereo surround speakers

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  • I have the data cable for C650 but I dont have the Cd theefore i need software,Can any one give me the link for downloading the software?

  • Please help me!!!!!!
    Can anybody help me. i need a software for motorola razr v3 black.

  • I NeeD SofTwaRe FoR MoToRoLa c651…!!!! PLiiiiisssssssss… HeLP mE…!!! HIk’z.. hik’z… hik’z…

  • I NeeD SofTwaRe FoR MoToRoLa c651…!!!! PLiiiiisssssssss… HeLP mE…!!! HIk’z.. hik’z… hik’z…

  • Please Help me! I need a software for Motorola Razer V3 to connect with data cable please tell me if you have any website That helps me

  • help me i need software for motorola c650 usb data cable conection i dont have a cd

    please hepl me.. where i get free..

  • Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase !!!!!!
    Any body with a dial up networking solution for motorola V500…???
    Thanx in advance

  • hye i m here with a problem and hope any of u guys may help resolve the issue..
    I m using Moto V500 ang interested in using it as a modem(Dial up Networking)..
    But i don’t wonna use my Service Providers wap……..
    I wanna use a third party internet service provider and connect as we do on a normal phone line…..
    But the prob is.. my cell(v500) doesnt dial the number properly before it disappears..
    I m using Win XP and having all drivers properly installed….
    Anybody that can help?????????

  • por favor el software para motorola c651 que es lo mismo que el c650 el que lo encuentre si lleva un premio!!!
    heladera nofrost
    se va se vaaa


  • I need the software for motorola pls send it to me or pls send me a correct link to download it.

  • i need the software for motorola pls send it to me or pls send a correct link to download it.

  • Same problem as matt, but worse perhaps. I just got phone and somehow instead of starting up normally it went to screen that says “boot loader” and says “OK to program, connect usb data cable” which was not what I had in mind at all. Damn thing won’t shut off no matter how many keys I press, so thought of disconnecting battery but can’t get the f*cking back off cause it requires fingernails of steel or some hurculean finesse that escapes my mere mortal strength. So connected cable (using one from my Sony Handicam) but I can’t acess the camera cause XP asks for the drivers. Found the drivers at downseek site by searching on Google but can’t install them because as Matt said they include an update to phonetools and need that to reinstall over. Since I don’t have that yet I am in a fu*king CATCH-22 here. Is this some kind of mindfu*k of Motorola to screw with me so I are forced to buy the software just to get out of their neatly engineered cul-de-sac? And I haven’t even used the damn thing yet!!! Help me somebody please. If not with the software, at least the trick to opening the back without damaging the plastic case.

  • i download software for my c650 but every time i try to install it says “the installation program was unable to find on your pc a mobile phone tools previously installed version” i am running xp any help would be great.

  • yol HELP me I need software to motorola c650 USB !! plz na momencie send me 🙂 if somebody will find it give me a sign plz 🙂 I need this fucking software :/

  • I am insulted and annoyed by the mtv softbutton, that is hardwired into the phone on the c650, and it not being written on the box that this isn’t a real c650, but more a c650 lite

  • I have a motorola c650 phone and i can’t find a drivers for windows xp In mobile phone tools i choose phone v500 and all looks good but i cant configure a pst software to send java games to phone help me!!!

  • ok seriously ive searched everywhere for the software i have the cable but wth where are the drivers arggg!!

  • i don’t mind buying the usb cable but why is it so hard to find the software for moto c650? i think they

  • Hola,necesito el software para la conexión USB,si alguien conoce algun sitio para descargarlo por favor decidmelo. GRACIAS.


  • I really need the software for the Motorola C650 mobile USB data conection… If thers´s a good soul… please help me!

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi, i need the software for motorola c650 usb data cable conection, can anyone help me and give me some tips? thks

  • The best Phone that I have used yet… Cool phone helps me enjoy it fully. A truely advised phone for youths and music video lovers… C650 you will rule the world …. ALL the BEST MOTOROLA…. ALL The best….. Truely A++++++ Ratings given for the phone…

  • i have motorola C650 i want to connect GPRS but i did not know its connection settings plz send me its all settings in my mail plz

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