Europe's first two mega pixel camera phone

Mobile phones

Sharp, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola may all be lining up mega pixel camera phones. But Austrian maker Tel-Me, which has had a limited presence in the UK, has gone one better.

According to Gizmodo it is lining up the first GSM phone for the European market with a two-mega pixel camera.

Coming later this year the T939 runs using the Windows CE operating system (not the Windows Mobile OS as found on the Motorola MPx200 and Orange SPV) and features microsoft Office applications, Instant Messaging and a web browser. It also boasts a 256k-colour touch screen.

Tel-Me has been a little generous with its launch predictions before, so we reckon that this phone is more likely to debut in early 2005.

It shouldn’t come as surprise that a two-mega pixel camera is featured in a PDA style device though. Several handheld PCs in Sony’s Clie range now boast two mega pixel snappers.

Two mega pixels in a clamshell phone – now that would be something.

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