Wireless mini-bar puts pay to sneaking snacks


No more sneaking a Toblerone or a bag of peanuts and hoping to get away with it when you check out of your hotel the following morning.

Hi-tech automated mini-bar manufacturer Bartech Systems has developed a new automated e-fridge complete with wi-fi connection that enables hotel staff to see exactly what you’ve had and when. Each mini-bar has its own IP address and can ‘talk’ to the hotel’s wireless infra-structure, just like any laptop.

Liked its wired counterpars, each wireless e-wireless fridge also features various sensors (pressure sensitive, electro-magnetic and infra-red) to detect the presence of food or drink. When the product is taken out, guests have on average 30 seconds to replace it or it is tagged as purchased

For more information go to www.bartech.fr

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