Nokia 5140 sports phone

Mobile phones

For those rugged outdoor types who like to hang off mountains and that sort of thing, Nokia introduces a bump and splash resistant mobile phone with integrated compass, flashlight, fitness monitor and optional GPS covers – so you know exactly where you are lost!

Launched at the ISPO Winter ISPO in Munich, the triband 5140 is also Nokia’s first push-to-talk phone so you can instantly communicate with a group of people – just like using a walkie-talkie. It will be available in the second quarter of 2004.

Full features list:
* Integrated digital compass
* Flashlight to guide the way
* GPS covers (with downloadable maps)
* Push to talk option (similar to walkie-talkie)
* VGA camera
* Fitness monitor (tracks activity level and calorie consumption)
*Interval timer and stopwatch

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