Soap for mobiles

Mobile phones

In what could well be sign of things to come a pair of companies, Mobix Interactive and Jack Brand have teamed up to deliver the first ever ‘made-for-mobile’ daily soap opera, ‘Connections’.

Aimed at both 3G and GPRS phone users Connetions is apparently a fast-moving soap (it has to be as each episode only last 90 seconds in length), which apparently finishes each day with that old soap staple – the cliffhanger.

The two companies have apparently created a whole host of story treatments for mobile phones, ranging from spy stories and who-dunnits, to sci-fi thrillers and even a sitcom.

Connections is set to launch at the end of March. Only owners of the Sony P800, Sony P900, Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650 and Nokia 7700 will be able to tune in.

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