Moto's 3G duo

Mobile phones

Motorola added a bit of spice to another wise fairly dull 3GSM show with the unveiling of a pair of 3G handsets.

Scheduled for a launch in autumn are the A1000 and E1000.

Probably the more interesting of the pair is the A1000 – a 3G smart phone with a huge screen. It is also the 1st Moto phone to feature a 1.2 mega pixel camera. Other facilities include video calling, compatibility with a host of microsoft apps inc Word, Excel etc, Bluetooth and a full html web browser.

Expect to see it wearing Orange and Three colours in November.

Moto’s other 3G handset is the E100 a phone it is aiming at gadget-loving consumers. A kind of smaller version of the existing 3G phone the A835, the handset boasts audio and video features, a 1.2 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth and push to talk functionality.

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