Nokia 7200, 6230 and 6810 review

Mobile phones

Nokia’s range of mobile phones for 2004 didn’t exactly blow us away. So it is good to report that its handsets for 2004 show that the company is back on track delivering superbly designed, easy to use mobile phones. Three models in particular (the 7200, 6230 and 6810) are likely to be enormous. The Guardian got a chance to play with early samples of these phones and you can read its verdict here.

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  • is it possible to set the phone to answer when you open it, without pressing any button??

  • Disappointed !

    The phone does not use the full power of memory card feature.

    voice recording is limited to 3 minutes,

    cannot record important phone conversation (contract negotiation ….. needs at least 30 minutes), meeting or seminar (important talks ….. needs at least 3 hours)

    Normal quality is enough for these recording, there is no need to use 22KHz or 44KHz high sampling rate.


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