Motorola ups the camera phone ante

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Motorola’s big launch for this week is the V525 a new camera phone available exclusively via Vodafone Live! The handset is almost identical to the forthcoming V500, the key difference being a Vodafone Live! button to take users directly through to the network’s Wap/download sites.

There’s no fulll HTML web access, but the handset does feature a VGA standard camera with plenty of image tweaking options, a 65K colour 176×220 pixel display, 5Mb of storage – much more than many of its camera phone rivals, and the option of using an MP3 tune (basically any music you want) as a ringtone.

It also features Bluetooth for connecting to a wireless headset or acting as a soft modem in conjunction with a laptop PC. Unlike many of its rivals it can also access POP3 e-mail accounts.

The phone is also one of the first quad band phones on the market which extends the number of countries in the world it can function in to include parts of central and South America.

The launch of the V525 is interesting as it offers further evidence that Motorola is willing to make deals with networks to customise phones to suit their requirements.

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  • I love your site. It´s really a pleasure to read through all this interesting stuff and it home.

  • No web access no email support?? yes it has how do you think it connect to vodafone live?! THROUGH WAP…which is the mobile interent is it not! And it has pop3 email access so wat r u talking about?!

  • I bought mine from Argos for £199 and it’s great. So far I can’t think of anything to improve upon it. Has a good quality feel to it and the screen is really excellent (transflective). The functionality is also good with fast operational speed when accessing the phone’s functions with no process slow-downs like some other high-end models.

    Has a built-in speaker phone which is a bonus for conference calls or if you don’t like holding a microwave to your head and the battery life seems good also.

    The sound is also good (but not great) with 16ch polyphonic tones.

    Overall i’d give it 9.5/10

  • I think this phone is great, its got a great camera with zoom and alot of stuff to check out. But the the problem is I cant find good games for it.

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