Dance mat for the PC


With the Christmas party season almost upon us sharpening up those dance moves seems like a very sensible idea. So we will be first in the queue for the PC Dancing Game and dance mat from Logic 3.

Of course arcade game fans and PlayStation owners have been strutting their virtual stuff using a similar mat for years. This, however, is the first time a system has been developed for the PC.

You basically get the software, a mat and a CD-Rom with a range of dance-floor fillers from Mambo Number 5 to the Kylie-tastic Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. You then watch the symbols on the PC and move your feet where they indicate.

Dancers score points for getting the right moves. It is available now for £29.99 from here.

Our only problem is our PC is housed in the study and were we to try and ape Britney’s moves on A Girl Not Yet A Woman, we’d send the computer crashing through the window. Ho hum.

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