Affordable satellite broadband

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Luxembourg-based satelllite operator Astra is to introduce a broadband satellite service for SkyDigital customers in the new year, according to this week’s ERT magazine

It’s teamed up with AVC Broadband to provide a 512Kb/s download service via a USB-based satellite modem. However users will still need to use a standard telephone line for uploading data. A monthly subscription cost is expected to be around £35 a month, with a one-off installation fee for non-satellite customers of around £250 (including dish, cable and modem).

Aimed at the 29 per cent of UK homes that don’t have access to services via cable and ADSL, the broadband proposition is sure to prove popular in rural areas. Current satellite-based broadband services are either only available in mainland Europe or are extremely expensive. BT charges an astonishing £59.99 per month for its 512Kb satellite service plus £949 for kit and installation. Are they having a laugh?

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