Wrist-watch TV unveiled

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The trend for cramming as much technology into small, portable items as possible continues apace.

Looking like something out of The Jetsons, the V@mp TV watch, shown at CEATEC by Japanese-based company, NJH, incorporates a 1.5in TFT display with a built-in mîcro tuner. NJH also unveiled its D-Zign digital camera with a 2.1in OLED display. The 3.2 mega pixel camera is equipped with MPEG4 video playback and has an integrated 1.5 gigabyte hard disk drive.

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  • i think the watch suks. im returning it for sure.i dont even get to watch my favorite show.

  • I just got my NJH TV Watch today and elt me tell you so far I am NOT impressed. It gets very very very (I cannot say very enough) reception. I live in NYC, where you think you’d be able to get something, but on the basic networks I get nothing. Sometimes you get what could be called a pic, but it is unwatchable and when it does tune in, you get audio fine but no pic. I’ll take it out tomorrow and see if it gets better nearer to Manhattan, but as of right now, this thing is going back.

  • I say , If in your wrist only have a lcd display, and a camera, with a bus connect to you pocket pc, or better to a tiny tabletpc without hardisk only memory stick, this dream and to much more is posible.
    But must way this cam-wrist-usb product

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