Fujitsu robot shows off goalkeeping skills

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At CEATEC in Japan it seems the machines have finally taken over, as several manufacturers brushed off their intelligent robots.

Fujitsu showed off two models – its miniature HOAP-2 humanoid robot, which impressed visitors with its footballing and dancing skills, and a cute mobile agent robot, MARON-1. Slightly more sinister was ALSOK’s GuardRobo. In development since 1982, the GuardRobo is already being used in Japan for patrolling and surveillance.

A red lamp on the robot’s shoulder flashes if it detects an intruder, while an alarm and camera images are relayed to a central control centre. We think that the GuardRobo looks a like a mechanical matron! Oo-er, missus.

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  • I’m not sure, but I think he was trying to make a deal with Which I found pretty darn funny!!

  • May I have the video record you captured? I have seen this robot in action last week in ACM Expo 2004 in The Mines Exhibition Center, Malaysia. Its very cool!

  • I went to a science center in sapporo Japan, I recorded its movements, If you would like I can give the video that i recorded for having a link to my site .. .

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