Orange SPV take three

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We’ve mentioned it a couple of times before, but thought you might want to see a decent picture of it. We are referring to the third version of Orange’s SPV smartphone the SPV E-200.

In terms of styling and functionality it is pretty similiar to the last version of the handset. There are however two enormous differences which in our book propels it into the smartphone Premiership.

They are:

Integrated camera – No more messing around with snap on snappers. We don’t know if Orange has also simplified the way in which the phone sends photo messages. We certainly hope so as on previous SPVs it took about a dozen clicks. The camera is a VGA model – the same as most of its rivals.

Bluetooth – Essential for us road warriors who like the option of doanloading e-mail to our laptop.

Other features include:

POP3 e-mail via a version of Outlook
Web access through Internet Explorer
Windows Media player – plays MP3s as well as WMAs and can access Orange’s fledgling video service
Outlook – Syncs with your PC for contacts/appointments
Orange Back up for storing all your details on the network

No news on price yet. The phone is on sale in November. Click here for Orange’s website

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