1meg broadband for all?


For the best part of a year ADSL broadband subscribers who lust after extra Internet download speed for gaming or running a network, have had to endure the taunts of those surfing the net via cable modems.
For while ADSL offers speeds of 512kbps, Telewest and NTL both deliver the Internet with go-faster stripes at speeds of 1mbps, or 2mbps in the case of Telewest.

Well ADSL subscribers can now catch up. Bulldog Communications has become the first major ISP to offer a 1mbps broadband connection via ADSL to consumers across the UK. It is all part of a roll-out of faster broadband by BT which means other ISPs will offer the 1mbps service too.

There’s a catch though – it is only available to residents of the 18 million homes sited within 3.5 kilometres of a broadband enabled BT exchange.

Still if you are close enough to the exchange – check on Bulldog’s website here – the service, All Time 1000,costs £32.89 per month. Existing Bulldog subscribers can upgrade for a fee of £49.99 plus VAT.

Transferring from other broadband providers entails a connection fee of £99.98 plus VAT (£49.99 plus VAT if you can cope with being without broadband for at least a week between connections) plus it may involve buying a new modem from Bulldog costing between £20-100.

Incidentally Bulldog offers even faster ADSL connections to some city dwellers.

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