LCD TV price crash


We’ve noticed some inexpensive LCD TVs from LG and Sharp available via the web, yet so far no one has offered a model for under £300.

That’s set to change as Lodos International is set to debut a 15inch model retailing in Sainsbury’s for £299.99.

Sure it looks more like a PC monitor than something produced by Philips or Panasonic. Yet the 4:3 model does feature an analogue tuner, Nicam stereo sound and Teletext and comes with connectors for hooking up a PC.

Brightness is rated at 450 CD/M2 with its contrast ratio 300:1. There’s also an optional wall hanging unit.

We should be getting our hands on one shortly so we’ll give you the full lowdown then.

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  • I also got one from Sainsbury! Man, what a complete “Lodos Junk”!! Steer WELL clear! Resolution (as PC monitor) is dire. Sound is completly unacceptable (as TV). Creen runs +20% hot at top & bottom (for 30mm). Only plus point is that you can run it of 12 volt (caravan /car) & will work in europe. Waste of time & waste of money!

  • Looking to get one but cant find a full spec of the lcd, whats the pc resolution it will run at ??

  • Anyone get a user guide or operating manual with theirs? Please send me a copy if possible….

    Contact by email please.


  • Forgive the newbie question. We bought one of these TVs a while ago and just got it out of the box today. Unfortunately we can’t see, to get it tuned in. It goes off searching for channels but never delivers anything. Any ideas? We are using it with an internal ariel. Might this be the reason?

    Any insight gratefully received.


  • Got one from sainsbury’s the other day it has great picture quality and inputs are brill.
    Only bad point – the sound quality – but i hooked it up to my surround sound and its great.
    verdict – very Good – Money well spent!

  • I also bought one from Sainsburys a few days ago good value for money…impressed with the inputs for various interfaces….The sound is a bit tinny…..but still good value.


  • Awful sound quality – really tinny and cheap sounding. We are taking it back straight away!

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