Football's Wi-Fi wonderland


Now this is the kind story we like. Apparently Toshiba has hatched a plan to deliver Wi-Fi facilities to the nation’s football league clubs The roll-out has already started at First Division clubs Reading and Notts Forest and the company hopes to add many more clubs later this year.

Although the Wi-Fi facilities are ostensibly aimed at journalists who require fast Internet access for checking facts and filing stories and for photographers to send images, Tosh hasn’t ruled out the possibility that fans will be able to use the system. So it might be time to sacrifice that half time pasty for spot of surfing on your Palm Tunsgten C.

BT is also installing Wi-Fi gear in some of its payphones says The Register. Around 100 are operational now with a further 100 adding Wi-Fi before Christmas. The phone boxes are at the sort of places where people sit down such as cafes and hotels. Shame you have to subscribe to BT Openzone (an exorbitant £10 per month for just 120 minutes) to use it.

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