CES 2012: Huawei Ascend P1 S is world's thinnest smartphone, needs a Bic Mac

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All hail the new king of super-slim phones. Huawei have used CES 2012 as the platform to reveal their latest Android handset, the Ascend P1 S, which is the latest smartphone to claim the "world's thinnest" title at just 6.68mm…

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"World's thinnest" 42 inch LCD panel unveiled by LG

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With CES 2010 just around the corner, LG have revealed a few snippets of information on what they claim to be the world's thinnest 42 inch LCD panel. Measuring in at 2.6mm thick, the prototype panel is LED-backlit, runs at…

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Sharp retaliates to Toshiba's claims of world's thinnest LCD, by announcing 0.68mm thin screen

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sharp-0.2mm-LCD.jpgGee whiz, does Sharp move fast or what! It was only 24 hours ago Andy reported that Toshiba had eclipsed Sharp’s claims of having the world’s thinnest LCD TV, beating them by a crucial 6mm at the thickest part of the screen.

It appears once Sharp caught wind of Toshiba’s claims, they released details of a prototype LCD screen that measures just 0.68mm thick. Yes, that’s under one milimetre thick. How did they do it, you eager, HDTV-hungry readers ask? Well, err, the screen’s just 2.2-inches big. Sadly it’s been designed…

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