iPhone 4G looks set to feature video chat

Gerald Lynch Apple, iPhone, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

O2 have today updated their iPhone tariffs. That in itself wouldn't be too exciting, were it not for the fact the new deals include pricing details for video calling. With the current generation of iPhones unable to make video calls,…

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Puma health and fitness orientated solar-cell phone leaked

Gerald Lynch Energy & Efficiency, Health, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news 6 Comments

Puma and Sagem are looking to reveal a health-conscious mobile phone at next week's Mobile World Congress, it has has been revealed. By looking through the source code to the phone's teaser site, Mobile Crunch have unearthed a few interesting…

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Skype 4 for Windows now available

Andy Merrett Software, VoiP 2 Comments


Skype has just announced “the most distinctive new release” of its communications software for Windows.

Version four claims to offer far better full screen video calling as well as optimising itself depending upon your PCs specifications. Those with at least a dual core processor, fast broadband connection and Skype-certified video webcam can get up to 30fps high quality video.

More importantly for many will be improved audio quality. Thanks to a new codec, there’s wideband audio quality but using 50% less bandwidth than in previous versions. There’s even super wideband audio for those with compatible headsets and fast broadband…

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