Laptop Loss League Awards reveal year's strangest computer thefts

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Absolute Software, a leading provider of computer theft recovery and data protection solutions have had a pretty busy year, returning around 100 laptops every week that had been reported stolen by thier users around the world. While it's a headache…

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New research reveals more laptops get stolen from homes than anywhere else

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New research from laptop security company Absolute Software has revealed that a third of all British laptop thefts happen at home. This is far higher than any other country around the world. The study, carried out in conjunction with YouGov,…

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How to… make it look like someone's already stolen your car stereo

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Sounds like a very stupid way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but wait. Wait until you’ve seen the photograph.

The idea behind this superb Instructables piece is to make it look like someone’s ripped out your car stereo – so no one bothers trying to rip out your car stereo. It’s the in-car equivalent of walking around town with torn clothes and blood on your face, so no one bothers mugging you.


It’s one man’s idea. One man’s way to stop the local glue-sniffers from nicking his car stereo every Friday night, by covering up the docking clips and making it look like there’s nothing…

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(Only!) Half the music stored on MP3 players is stolen

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According to a survey from British Music Rights, only half of the music on the iPods/Zens/Sansas of the nation’s 14-24 year-olds had actually been paid for legitimately.

The average musical youth has 1770 tracks stored on their MP3 player of choice, but half of that lot’s been nicked off the internet or, more likely, copied from the hard drive…

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