How to… make it look like someone's already stolen your car stereo

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Sounds like a very stupid way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but wait. Wait until you’ve seen the photograph.

The idea behind this superb Instructables piece is to make it look like someone’s ripped out your car stereo – so no one bothers trying to rip out your car stereo. It’s the in-car equivalent of walking around town with torn clothes and blood on your face, so no one bothers mugging you.


It’s one man’s idea. One man’s way to stop the local glue-sniffers from nicking his car stereo every Friday night, by covering up the docking clips and making it look like there’s nothing worth stealing and eBaying here. It is one of those strokes of genius that has you wishing you’d thought of it and then put it on the internet first. Well done, sfgabe.

(Via Wired)

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Gary Cutlack
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