Merry Christmas from Tech Digest! Here's the Star Wars Holiday Special!

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And so concludes another great year at Tech Digest! What a crazy year its been for me and the team! We've travelled the globe, played around with exciting new gear, interviewed some wonderful folk and seen some truly inspiring tech-fuelled…

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REVIEW: Kinect Sports: Season 2 (Xbox 360)

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Almost a year since its launch, the Xbox 360's controller-free Kinect motion sensor is still waiting for its killer, must-have game. Rare Studios staked a decent claim at the title with Kinect Sports at launch, and this year they've implemented a raft of new features and a host of new sports for the sequel, Kinect Sports: Season 2. Is it enough to convert the Kinect sceptics?

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INTERVIEW: Rare's Scott Henson on Kinect, Xbox 720 and the future of Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark

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Hot on the heels of the Tokyo Games Show and our recent hands-on playtest with the latest features of Kinect Sports: Season 2, we sat down for a quick chat with Rare Studio head, Scott Henson. The ex-Xbox chief…

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PREVIEW: Kinect Sports: Season 2 (Xbox 360)

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I'll level with you; I'm not a massive fan of motion gaming. Waving your arms around over your head, jogging on the spot and generally making a complete arse of yourself in front of all who may be present;…

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$38,000 NES cartridge on eBay: the most expensive game you'll ever buy?

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Ridiculously rare NES game, Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events, is quite the collector's item. A track and field game from Bandai that had an extremely limited release in 1987 on Nintendo's first console, it shipped with their Power Pad running…

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Rumour: Microsoft to launch a motion sensing controller for Xbox 360, Nintendo flattered

Al W Gaming 1 Comment


According to an MTV source, Microsoft is not only considering a Wii-remote like accessory for the Xbox 360, it’s getting ready to launch it by the end of this year.

The project has reportedly been in planning since last summer, and legendary developer Rare has been given the responsibility of creating a unified interface and design of the controller…

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Viva Piñata to start growing Piñatas in Nintendo DS's gardens

Katherine Hannaford Gaming Leave a Comment

vivapinatadsflipper-thumb7.jpg Viva Piñata is definitely one of those sandbox/life-sim games that our fellow Tech Digest editor Stuart refers to as AIQBNWWIEs, or ‘actually-i’m-quite-bored-now-when-will-it-end’ games. Not really suited to the Xbox 360’s stationary existence, the fact that it’s taken Microsoft and Rare this long to approach Nintendo about placing it on the DS platform is quite surprising…

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