Nokia Lumia 820 handset revealed: Official pics, specs and features

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Nokia have revealed the Nokia Lumia 820 today at their Windows Phone 8 press conference. The mid-tier sibling to the new flagship Lumia 920 also uses the Windows Phone 8 operating system, and looks to punch above its weight with…

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Nokia Windows 8 Lumia tablet "a real opportunity", says CEO Elop

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Nokia look set to deliver a Windows 8 tablet in the near future, according to a strong hint from CEO Stephen Elop today. Fielding questions from journalists following the grand unveiling of the company's new Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone…

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Nokia Nautilus and two other touchscreen mobiles to come

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The word on The Street is that Nokia is getting serious about touchscreen mobiles since RIM took a bite out of their market share last year and, apparently, we’re to see three new models in the next 12 months.

One is 4.2″ tablet type handheld with a “hidden slide-out QWERTY” due to hit the shelves before Christmas. A second is known for now as “Nautilus” and has the kind of talk around it that makes it sound like something from the year 2116. It’s supposed to be a much finer form and with an ultra-thin QWERTY that slides out by means of a sensor with keys that raise for easier typing.

Sounds slightly farcical but I’m happy to run with it until I hear otherwise. Funnily enough, Nautilus isn’t expected for a year. The third touchscreen handset is thought to be with us within four months, though.

No word on the on the OS of the handsets but I wouldn’t presume S60 to be the natural choice. I have it on good authority that the next big handset from Nokia after the N97 will run Linux.

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