The best iPhone apps to battle the UK's storms and gale force winds

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Have you been outside today, British Tech Digest readers??? It's like walking down Hurricane Alley with a parachute trailing behind you! For those enjoying sunnier climes, the UK is currently being battered by gale force winds that would make the…

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iPhone Accessories – Christmas Gift Guide 2010

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"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, your iPhone should be wearing a silly iPhone hat". OK, so that's not quite how the festive saying goes, but there are so many mad iPhone gadgets and add-ons out there that…

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iPhone / iPad App Store Round-Up: FIFA 11, Ryder Cup and more!

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Time for another iPhone/ iPad App Store round-up, filling your Friday and into the weekend with all that's new and great on Apple's Jesus phone and magic tablet. Top of the table this week is EA's annual FIFA football game…

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The world's 10 most ridiculously expensive mobile phones

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They've got the yacht, they've got the sports car, they've got the cryogenic freezing chamber and even a secret moon base. When money is not an option, what do you grab the billionaire who has it all? A swarovski…

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Review: Predators iPhone app

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Name: Predators Type: Action/Adventure Platform: iPhone/iPad Price: £1.79 (iTunes) It may be no "Aliens" by anyone's standards, but the Predator movie franchise has enough gun-toting, testosterone fuelled thrills to have made quite the impression on me in my formative years….

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