The Digest: Gadget insurance complaints rise… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Gadget insurance complaints to Ombudsman jump | BBC News "The Financial Ombudsman Service says it saw 2,200 complaints about gadget warranties last year, double that of the previous year. It says many people hugely undervalue the cost of the technological items they carry with them, and are also unaware that most general insurance…

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WhipCar launches the world's first online neighbour-to-neighbour car rental service

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There are plenty of online car rental services, but here's one with a twist: rather than renting a company car from a car pool, WhipCar lets you come to an agreement with Mr Jones next door and take his car…

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IXOS XHP280 AV PowerStation – surge protection for AV enthusiasts

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The remarkably colourful IXOS XHP280 AV PowerStation Mains Surge Protector is pictured above. It’s basically insurance. For a one-off payment of £70, your thousands of pounds of audio equipment will survive a lightning strike on your mains with no ill effects…

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Stinking (rich) students own six grand's worth of gadgets, instruments and clothes

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I’d better not hear any more students moaning about how little money they have, because a new survey suggests that the average student has over £6,000 worth of gadgetry, musical instruments, and clothes knocking around in their digs.

Two years ago students “only” had around £2,000 of goods, but Endsleigh Insurance found that it’s an increasingly high-tech world, with mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers now winging their way to university. Interestingly, though, some students spend even more on musical instruments, with an average value of £689, though only one in four have such gear, while four in five have a laptop PC…

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Which? calling for insurers to cover digital downloads

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musicnotes.jpgLeading consumer organisation “Which?” has called for insurers to move into the 21st century and begin acknowledging customer claims for loss of digital downloads.

Its own research suggests that less than half of the insurance companies it polled will cover the loss of music, video, and other downloads due to virus or hard drive failure.

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