Neos announces partnership with Roost for remote home protection via smartphone

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Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector

UK-based smart home insurance provider Neos has partnered with US smart home company Roost to offer consumers remote home protection from their smartphone.

Claiming to be the UK’s first Smart Home Insurance provider that incorporates smart technology as an integral part of its home insurance offering, Neos plans to include selected Roost smart home devices as part of its offering.

It claims it will provide policyholders with wider reaching capabilities to actively protect their home remotely, from the comfort and convenience of their smartphone.

According to Finder, over 5 million homes in the UK remain without home insurance, with a further £35,000 worth of contents susceptible to damage at home through theft, water or fire damage. With the Neos app, customers will be potential accidents at home before they occur.

Said Matt Poll, CEO of Neos:

“We want to provide our customers with the best preventative technology on the market, that can enable them to look after their home, wherever they are in the world. With the help of early warning systems, customers can now be alerted to issues before they escalate into something bigger and ultimately reduce claims.”

Partnering with Roost allows us to take exciting steps to extend our home protection offering, delivering a wider range of products to our customers. 

Roost is a US technology company which has created the Roost Smart Battery and the Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector while Neos is the UK’s first smart home insurance provider providing a new way for policyholders to insure and actively look after their home from their smartphone.

Chris Price
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