Blu-Tack and chewing gum among top DIY gadget fixing tools

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iStuck_1_original.jpgWith purse strings tightening the world over, many of us austerity-stricken gadget fans have to think twice before committing to tech-protecting extras like cases and insurance for our shiny new toys. But when the fateful day comes that you drop your phone or tablet (and believe me, it will come) we’re often left scrambling around for the best way to fix it. And, according to a new poll by gadget insurers Protect Your Bubble, skint Brits have been turning to some bizarre DIY repair techniques.

Polling 1,000 gadget owners, they found a third (33%) of gadget owners had broken a smartphone or tablet, and that over half (53%) had tried to repair their devices at home.

Top of the DIY fixes was super glue, with 38% of respondents making it their go-to fixing tool, followed by sticky tape at 30%. But some stupid adventurous would-be repairmen used implements such as elastic bands (18%), Blu-Tack (12%), hair ties (9%) and even chewing gum (5%).

On the whole, men were slightly more likely to attempt a DIY repair than women (59% compared to 41%), with the high cost of professional repairs being the main reason for trying an at home fix. Many respondents (49%) also revealed that they had broken there devices within the first 6 months of owning them, highlighting the dangers of lengthy 24-month contracts.

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