THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Batman's Best Gadgets

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The Dark Knight Rises hits cinemas today! The final part in Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy, it sees the caped crusader take on the villainous, beefy Bane. He'll have to use all the tools in his nifty utility belt to…

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Holy fanboy, Batman!

James O'Malley Transport, Vehicles 1 Comment


Check this out – someone has actually built themselves a Batmobile based on the version in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The Tumbler, to give it’s proper name, is a near-perfect replica features everything from the after-burner to the stealth-plane-esque body and, remarkably, was built merely by looking at pictures from the two films and publicity photos with no original blueprints used…

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Automatic Mahjong Table – not the Batmobile

Daniel Sung Gaming, Home Appliances Leave a Comment


Now, I was about to bring you the news that the original Batmobile, from the Tim Burton 1990 gothic classic, was up for sale on eBay, but, as is often the case with the auction website, as soon as word gets around that something incredible is up, it’s gone by the time you get the e-mail.

So, instead I bring you the automatic mahjong table…

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RC Tumbler Batmobile gets PC case modification

Katherine Hannaford Computers Leave a Comment

It’s a good time for moddin’ fans alike, as the spec’d-up PC cases are rolling out faster than the creators’ thumbs in a Halo sesh during their slacktime. The big blockbuster films are being represented left, right and centre, and this week it’s the Tumbler Batmobile which has found its way onto teh intertubes…

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