4oD to relaunch with huge archive


Channel 4 has today announced plans for a relaunch of 4oD, its catch up service that was originally released in November 2006.

The new version, available from July, will allow users to watch their favourite Channel 4 programmes direct from Channel4.com, free of charge.

The current service allows users to watch programmes for up to 30 days after they are first broadcast. With the exclusion of US shows such as Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives, users will no longer be restricted to the 30 day period.

In fact, full seasons of older shows such as Queer as Folk, Brass Eye and Father Ted will be available in their entirety. Users will have a massive selection of Channel 4 shows at their fingertips, without the need to purchase DVD box-sets. What’s more, the service will be fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

The move is sure to put pressure on the BBC’s iPlayer service which, despite proving massively popular, only has access to programming from the previous 7 days.

With rumours also persisting that Hulu are also planning a UK launch, it’s an exciting time for on-demand television.

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TechDigest writer4oD to relaunch with huge archive

Post-Kangaroo, 4oD gets a Flashy revamp


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Channel 4 isn’t letting the marsupial off the hook quite that easily, though, and is set to reuse some of the technology that would have been used in the joint project to beef up its own 4oD (Four on Demand) offering…

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Andy MerrettPost-Kangaroo, 4oD gets a Flashy revamp

Tiscali launches its own PVR — is it "amazing"?


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Andy MerrettTiscali launches its own PVR — is it "amazing"?