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- The Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game on the Wii will call upon the Wiimote as a lightsabre (Boing Boing Gadgets)
- Gordon Moore has predicted his Moore's Law will end in 10 years (Engadget)
- The Republic of Macedonia has pledged to give every child a PC, 180,000 in total (Wired)
- Google Gphone definitely in the making, sources saying yet again (DigiTimes)
- Analysts claim the videogame industry will reach $47 billion in sales by 2009 (Valleywag)

- Microsoft snatches up Square Enix's Japanese RPG 'Infinite Undiscovery' for the Xbox 360 (Daily Tech)
- Rising trend documented, called 'Facebook Suicide', which involves deleting your account completely (Valleywag)
- Apple's latest iPod line-up includes unmentioned code, locking the iPods to iTunes only (Daily Tech)
- Boing Boing is finally on Twitter, albeit a year too late (Boing Boing)
- Scientists invent non-stick bubble-gum (BBC)

- Adobe are launching Photoshop Express, a free stripped-down online version (Gadget Lab)
- Google is offering $30 million to whoever lands a robotic spacecraft on the moon first (Daily Tech)
- The Nintendo DS has been hacked, VoIP added (Engadget)
- It's Programmers' Day today, so give your office monkey a big clap on the back (Engadget)
- Nintendo Wii has overtaken Xbox 360 in terms of units sold (Ars Technica)

- Google's Larry and Sergey's annual perks include a NASA-operated private jet runway minutes from their offices (New York Times)
- Increase in illegal stag beetle imports blamed on Japanese arcade game, Mushiking (Kotaku)
- Video site Revver has paid out $1 million in advertising revenue to users (Tech Crunch)
- Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails encouraged Chinese fans to download music direct from the band, not illegally (Boing Boing)
- Yahoo has announced they'll sell ad space on Bebo (Tech Daily)

- Alert the Tron Guy, as a sequel to the film Tron is in the making (Hollywood Reporter)
- Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is selling his Nissan for charity, for $100,000 (Gizmodo)
- Spam accounts for 83% of all emails sent nowadays (USA Today)
- EU bans bomb-making instructions on the internet in the wake of 9/11 (Ars Technica)
- Transformers confirmed as HD-DVD exclusive this October (Daily Tech)

- Citizens of Lund, Sweden, must choose between Vista and internet access due to a bug there (The Inquirer)
- Close to 100% of downloaded music in China is illegally obtained (Business Week)
- Yahoo is launching Kickstart, their version of Facebook and LinkedIn (Valleywag)
- Sony is developing technology allowing batteries to be made from, err, sugar. (Daily Tech)
- Man fired due to GPS on mobile phone outing him as work slacker (Wired)

- South Park launches a new online 'hub', reportedly the first of its kind (Paid Content)
- Steve Jobs is to be inducted into California's Hall of Fame (Apple Insider)
- An illegal downloader is being forced to use Windows as his OS as part of his punishment (Valleywag)
- An American teen so engrossed in texting, gets hits by oncoming train (Wired)
- Move over Fake Steve Jobs, say hello to fake Michael Arrington at CrunchFood (CrunchFood)

- iPods are scarce in South Korea, with all advertising grinding to a halt also (Gadget Lab)
- Windows Home Server may drop on August the 27th (Engadget)
- Fox News reporter accused of hacking into by Fark owner (Valleywag)
- 2 Malaysian labradors sniff out pirate DVDs, receive medals (Reuters)
- TripAdviser may have acquired Facebook's 'Where I've Been' app for $3million (Inside Facebook)

- Nokia N95 Voted 'The European Media Phone of the Year 2007-2008' in EISA awards (
- Study proves iPhone keypad slower for texting than using QWERTY keypad (Daily Tech)
- Bill Gates admitted his foundation holds shares in McDonalds (Reuters)
- Foxy Brown impersonates Naomi Campbell by assaulting neighbour with BlackBerry (The Register)
- MTV investing $500million into developing video games (Valleywag)

- Nintendo DS version of Guitar Hero may come with mini guitar peripheral (Engadget)
- Russian owner found not guilty on copyright infringement charges (Boing Boing)
- Wikipedia Scanner site reveals vandalism from BBC, Vatican amongst others (Shiny Shiny)
- Hotmail competes with Gmail, increases storage to 5GB (Daily Tech)
- Alexa laughably claims YouTube is bigger than Google (Tech Crunch)

- Google Video closes, users' paid-for videos now unavailable, money not refunded (Tech Crunch)
- 9-year old boy saves father's life, demands a PS3 in return (Engadget)
- Twitter strikes funding deal with investors, amount not yet known (Twitterati)
- Ministry of Defence bans soldiers from blogging, social networking (Evening Standard)
- Facebook's code is leaked to the intertubes, fear over users' security (Guardian)

- Google increase their GMail mailbox allowance to 10GB (Valleywag)
- Another chatroom user dies infront of web-cam, death accidental allegedly (Metro)
- UK Government called upon to act on e-crime (BBC)
- As rumoured two months ago, Universal Music has just confirmed they are to go DRM-free (Slashdot)
- Microsoft announced pre-orders for Halo 3 have exceeded one million copies (Daily Tech)

- Xbox 360 gets first official price cut (Daily Tech)
- The world's new richest man, Carlos Slim, to donate 250,000 laptops to children by 2008 (Engadget)
- Economics blog Freakonomics now hosted by NYTimes online (Freakonomics)
- Flickr to finally introduce video (Valleywag)
- Nokia adds Microsoft's DRM to new handsets (Microsoft)

- Vodafone pulls adverts on Facebook, Orange possibly to follow (The Register)
- Sony to recall 350,000 cameras due to dangers posed to users (CNet)
- Google phone to be Linux-based on HTC, launched on T-Mobile in Q1 2008? (Engadget)
- Analysts claim Nintendo will release a hi-def Wii soon (Daily Tech)
- Microsoft Office for Mac delayed until January 2008 (Wired)

- Brian May of Queen submitted his astrophysics thesis, soon to be Dr. Brian May, Astro-physicist! (Yahoo)
- Two weeks of international roaming on iPhone lumps man with $3,000 bill (Wired)
- Hackers attach virus to email promising free Super Mario Bros. download (The Register)
- Australian Security experts claim Second Life and WoW are being used to train terrorists (The Inquirer)
- 3.2 million Linden dollars stolen in Second Life (Valleywag)

- Ashton Kutcher shills for an online Alternate Reality Game and VOIP start-up? (Boing Boing)
- Microsoft has sold 60 million copies of Vista, by 2008 there'll be 1 billion PCs running Windows (Daily Tech)
- A Bittorrent interface for the mobile phone has arrived, the uTorrent mUI (Slashdot)
- The top 50,000 blogs generated $500 million in 2006 revenue (Tech Crunch)
- Judge permits eBay's Buy It Now feature in court trial (Reuters)

- 10 Japanese companies to develop in-car operating systems (Daily Tech)
- Italian man uses Nokia 6630 to write full-length novel (Shiny Shiny)
- Jason Calacanis bans comments on personal blog; end of Web 2.0 as we know it? (Calacanis)
- Man who lost online flame war and resorted to arson sentenced to 7 years (Boing Boing)
- Microsoft possibly discontinuing Xbox 360 Core consoles (Joystiq)

- Create a Smashing Pumpkins video, win a Zeitgeist-skinned iPhone or Mac Pro (Smashing Pumpkins)
- Target to stock purely Blu-ray players from now on (Engadget)
- Joost has signed 1 million users to its beta program (TV Squad)
- MySpace finds 29,000 registered sex offenders on their site (Wired)
- Ubisoft to make video game based on Heroes (CVG)

- QANTAS to offer in-flight internet and laptop power in new Airbus A380s planes (Daily Tech)
- Text messaging turns 15 years of age this year (Engadget)
- Very few businesspeople actually use the iPhone for work purposes (Wall Street Journal)
- Goichi Suda from Suda51 (creator of Killer7) set to announce something important soon. Fingers crossed it's Killer 7.5! (Kotaku)
- World of Warcraft has now got 9 million unique users (Slashdot)

- Google buys ImageAmerica to improve aerial photos for Google Earth and Maps (The Register)
-'s staff members all listen to personal music rather than through an office stereo (Londonist)
- Apple stores in US may be charging customers $5 to enter store (Shiny Shiny)
- PS3 sales increased 135% since price drop (Kotaku)
- Schmoozing has been named as Silicon Valley's most popular sport (Valleywag)

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