The Digest: Web inventor ‘staggered’ by hateful people online are… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Tim Berners-Lee: hateful people on the web are ‘staggering’ | The Guardian

“Sir Tim Berners-Lee has expressed sadness that the web has mirrored the dark side of humanity, as well as enabling its wonderful side to flourish. The developer, who created the web in 1990 while working for the particle collider project Cern in Switzerland, said that the web is a reflection of human nature elsewhere, but that he had hoped that the web would provide tools and fora and new ways of communicating that would break down national barriers and allow us to just get to a better global understanding.”

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Hailo says Uber blocked potential investors | BBC News

“Taxi app Hailo has complained rival Uber has blocked potential investors from offering funding. Hailo chairman Ron Zeghibe alleged Uber would talk to potential investors only if they agreed not to invest in Hailo or other rivals. Hailo recently abandoned its business in North America, saying it could not compete with Uber’s astronomical marketing spend.”

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Job centres to adopt digital signing-on pads, PCs and free wi-fi | IT Pro Portal

“Job centres across the UK are set to go digital, and adopt electronic pads which will allow job seekers to sign on more easily, and eliminate the traditional long queues associated with the job centre. The electronic pads will recognise the person’s signature with biometric software, and job centres will also be providing PCs and a free Wi-Fi network with this digital makeover.”

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Porn websites may need to verify age of those using services | The Independent

“Adult websites containing pornographic material or those selling guns may be required to verify a person is over 18 years of age, in new plans being considered by the government. The owners of the domains which have any adult content could need to implement tools that enable them to check people’s ages, as is the case already with gambling websites.”

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Apple Pay faces challenge as stores reject system | Bloomberg

“Apple’s bid to replace the consumer wallet with its mobile payment system ran into a roadblock as CVS and Rite Aid disabled the technology in their drugstores. CVS and Rite Aid are among 220,000 US merchants that already have technology in place to read the short-range wireless signals that enable customers of Apple Pay or similar services to make a purchase by waving their smartphones. The retailers weren’t among those specifically named as accepting Apple Pay when the iPhone maker revealed its system last month.”

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